Zersent offers the only all-in-one platform for ESG.

Zersent provides an end-to-end solution allowing organizations to automate a number of manual ESG processes from measuring/changing organizational culture, diversity and inclusion, benchmarking stakeholder sentiment, creating actionable insights from your data, and creating ESG reporting documents.


AI driven analysis and insights powering ESG transformation.

Get real-time and actionable insights into the key areas of your organisation's environmental, social, and governance factors. Create an environment of continuous improvement by actively soliciting feedback and ideas from all levels of your organization.

AI driven analysis and insights

Receive personalized insights and action items generated by Zersent to improve ESG culture and adoption.

Break down siloes

Automated survey creation and data gathering. Further, break down siloes by exporting pulse survey results.

Automation that saves time by 90%.

There's no need to spend weeks or months developing company policies, commitments, and statements. Zersent assists you in identifying gaps and makes it simple to create customized and effective ESG policies and plans.

Automate your organization's policies

Use a template, create, collaborate, approve, send and sign all policies in a few clicks.

Facilitate collaboration and break down siloes

Create workflows tailored to your organisation to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


Powerful external sentiment monitoring just a click away.

As your company grows, keeping track of metrics and stakeholder feedback becomes more important - and more complex. Zersent will keep your team on track to achieve its goals. Zersent uses AI and natural language processing to monitor stakeholder and media sentiment by tracking news sources.

Natural language processing

Zersent automatically scans the media and highlights key topics for you. No more days wasted trawling through the news manually trying to piece things together.

Real-time sentiment tracking

Real-time feed of organization and industry news that enables tracking of organizational, industry, and competitors’ news sentiment and metrics.

All major reporting frameworks available from day one.

Simplify ESG disclosure and build stakeholder trust. Become a leader in ESG brand awareness and share your impact. Create a branded ESG page for your organization and generate content to enhance your brand.